City of Hempstead to File Lawsuit Against Waller County Over Landfill


The fight continues on a controversial landfill in Hempstead after Waller County Commissioners dropped their resistance Wednesday and approved the project that would bring a 250 acre household garbage landfill near the intersection of U.S. 290 and Highway 6.

Now the City of Hempstead is planning to file a lawsuit to block the county ordinance from taking effect.

Hempstead Mayor Michael Wolfe told us Thursday they don’t believe the county commissioners have the authority to allow the landfill to set up shop because the site falls within the city’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction and is only about a mile from downtown.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will ultimately make the final decision on issuing a permit.

The state agency says that could be another six to nine months as more than 1,000 requests have been submitted for a contested hearing.

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