February 27, 2018

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, at 2pm the Pintail Landfill LLC vs TCEQ/CALH trial took place in Travis County’s 250th Civil District Court, in Austin, Texas.  This trial was an attempt by Pintail Landfill to have the TCEQ’s rejection of their second MSW Application overturned.  Attorneys from all three sides took approximately 2 hours in total to present their arguments, after which presiding Judge, The Honorable Karin Crump, thanked all present and advised that she would make her ruling as soon as possible.  Judge Crump’s Final Judgment came just 24 hours later, ruling in favor of TCEQ and Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead.  Judge Crump’s judgment states in part:

“After considering the pleadings, briefs, administrative record, and arguments of counsel, the Court finds that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s decision to return Plaintiff Pintail Landfill LLC’s Municipal Solid Waste Application No. 2391 should be affirmed.”

In the two-page Judgment found at following link, it should be noted that Judge Crump also states that her ruling is ‘final and appealable’ which means that Pintail’s next possible recourse could be to appeal this ruling in the Austin Court of Appeals.

CALH leaders and attorneys were very pleased with this swift outcome which represents “yet another battle won, taking us one step closer to winning the war” to stop the ill-sited Pintail Landfill project.