Royal Elementary Students Join the Fight Against the Landfill

What a great bunch of kids at Royal Elementary School!
The students tell us they will see many birds in the courtyard now with their new birdbath…it is situated alongside a vegetable garden where they plant during the school year and will be visible from the library windows. All were very appreciative of the gift and proud of themselves. They even gave US a thank you card, signed by all the students (see attached photo). Teachers, Ms. Randall and Ms. Coffey, were so welcoming and thankful…and knew how to ‘wrangle’ 30 or 40 kids with ease!
Sandy Huntsinger spoke briefly about being a good citizen and how much we appreciated their taking the time to write their government. She then presented them our certificate, card and gifts. Rick Welch carried the birdbath in and set it up for the kids.
Thanks to all for making this a bit of good news to share!


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