TCEQ Extends Public Comment Deadline

Due to obscured public notice signage at the proposed Pintail landfill, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has extended the public comment period for the landfill application and transfer station for another thirty (30) days effective August 16, 2012 until at least October 26, 2012.

TCEQ has extended the public comment period until at least OCTOBER 26, 2012.
Submit electronically your comments opposing the MSW Type V Transfer Station and the PINTAIL LANDFILL by clicking HERE.
Transfer Station # 40259, LANDFILL # 2377
Send (mail) your letters. Mail your letter today:
Office of the Chief Clerk
Mail Code MC 105, TCEQ
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087
Attention: # 2377 & # 40259


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