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May 27, 2013

Judge Glenn Beckendorff, Commissioner Stan Kitzman and Commissioner Frank Pokluda are spending your money to keep you from seeing the truth about their landfill deal. But do you know how much?

In just the first three months of this year, the law firm of Allison, Bass and Associates has charged Waller county taxpayers more than $32,000. Much of that money was to fight your right to see records they could show you for free. At this rate, county commissioners will have spent $60,000 by mid-June, not counting money they are spending on lawsuits relating to the landfill, and not counting more than $30,000 spent last year.

You know why that $60,000 number is so important? It is supposed to be the entire legal budget for Waller County for the entire year. The budget blown in a fight to keep landfill secrets.

Tonight, more than three months after we asked to see e-mails written on county computers, Judge Beckendorff hasn’t shown you them. Commissioner Kitzman hasn’t turned over phone records and e-mails. Commissioner Pokluda fought to keep his phone records secret. And Judge Beckendorff says he doesn’t have records detailing his text messages

Why are they fighting so hard? Cell phone records obtained after a two month fight show the Judge was not telling the truth when he claimed he only learned about the landfill weeks before taxpayers did in June of 2011.


Now the Judge has a new story.

The County Judge told the Houston Chronicle last week that he was calling the landfill folks for months, just to tell them to stay away.


Think about that.

Makes you wonder, when did he learn the landfill folks even wanted to come to Waller County?

Who else did he tell? Did he tell other commissioners? We know he did not alert the county district attorney. And he sure did not call a meeting to warn residents.

Now we are supposed to believe the Judge was fighting the landfill all by himself, in secret, so hard that the landfill guys gave him their personal cell phone numbers?

This is a fight for all taxpayers in Waller County. You deserve the truth. You do not deserve your hard earned tax money being wasted keeping secrets.

Isn’t it time they tell you whole truth, instead of spending your money to keep secrets?