Landfill company offers to sweeten deal at meeting tonight (July 14, 2011) –

Green Group Holdings, LLC today released a proposed host agreement with Waller County that details the financial and non-monetary benefits guaranteed from Pintail Park and Landfill. The final agreement will be a legally binding contract that also outlines Green Group Holdings’ obligations in operating Pintail Park and Landfill. Green Group Holdings will present the host agreement and answer the public’s questions at a County Commissioner’s workshop at Hempstead High School Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. this evening.

The Pintail project represents a $40 million investment in Waller County that will include an industrial park and a recycling, processing and disposal facility. Pintail Landfill will be a highly engineered, environmentally-friendly waste management facility that will provide annual revenue to Waller County in the form of host fees and taxes, good paying jobs and new business opportunities for local contractors and service providers.

“The Pintail project promises great benefits for the citizens of Waller County. The fees we will pay to the County and participating cities per ton of waste received amount to more than a million dollars a year,” said Ernest Kauffman, president of Green Group Holdings, LLC. “In a County with a roughly $22 million budget, those funds will go long way to pay for public services, infrastructure projects and local improvements.”

According to the proposed host agreement, Pintail Park will pay “host fees” to Waller County in the amount of $1.00 per ton of waste received at the landfill. Pintail will pay an additional “host fee” to participating cities in the County for a combined total of $0.50 per ton of waste received. These amounts are in addition to the $1.25 per ton of waste received paid to the State of Texas, 50 percent of which goes to the Texas local Council of Governments (COG), which provides grants to counties like Waller to fund infrastructure projects.

“This project will deliver much-needed revenue for Waller County while providing infrastructure that is critical as the County plans for and manages inevitable growth,” said Kauffman.

A complete summary of the proposed host agreement appears below:


· Pintail Park will be developed to include a municipal solid waste facility and a mixed use commercial and industrial park. The facility may include a municipal solid waste landfill, a construction and demolition material recycling facility, a composting facility for yard waste and brush, and a processing facility for recovery of recyclables and reusable materials.

· All facility design, construction and operation will meet or exceed state and federal solid waste regulations, and will be subject to TCEQ regulatory oversight.

· No sewage sludge will be accepted.

· No out-of-state waste will be accepted.

· Pintail will pay “host fees” to Waller County in the amount of $1.00 per ton of eligible waste disposed of at the landfill. Pintail will pay “host fees” to participating cities in the County in the combined amount of $0.50 per ton of eligible waste disposed in the landfill. (These amounts are in addition to a $1.25 per ton statutory fee payable to the State and available for local government grants.)

· Pintail will assure the County and participating cities of adequate long term solid waste disposal capacity.

· Pintail will provide a guaranteed favorable waste disposal rate of $24 per ton for residential and other waste collected in the County and participating cities.

· Pintail will provide free disposal for County residents’ waste on Saturdays.

· Pintail will provide a large site (over 700 acres) with substantial buffer areas and enhanced visual buffers. The landfill waste disposal area (footprint) will be limited to a total of 250 acres.

· There will be no County or city financing or funding associated with the facility.

· Pintail will provide public transparency, including a public website, County facility inspections, County audits of facility records, and a Citizens Advisory Committee.

· Pintail will provide a Property Value Assurance Program for qualified residential properties within one mile.

· Pintail will give preference to hiring local residents and using local contractors and vendors.

· Pintail will provide a Citizens Convenience Center, assistance with County, city, and citizens’ waste handling needs, and public education.

· Pintail will require all commercial vehicles to enter the facility directly from Highway 6.

· Pintail will provide daily litter control on Kelly and Wendt Roads and all public access roads within two miles of the facility site.

· Pintail will donate 3 acres to Waller County for a County fire station.

· Pintail will pay local property taxes and fees.

· Pintail will provide insurance and financial responsibility, and will indemnify the County.

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