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A representative of the Pintail Landfill LLC, and members of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found out just how angry people in Hempstead are about a proposed landfill at a public meeting held last (Thursday) night at Hempstead High School.

Brent Ryan of Pintail Landfill from Georgia outlined exactly how much area the landfill would take in the 723 acre site, at the highway 290/6 interchange. Ryan said only a small portion of the site would be used. He also said that the garbage would be buried and the water and air would be protected but the large crowd in the auditorium was having none of it. A long line of speakers, including cattle producers, political leaders, business people, homeowners and even militant social activist Quannel X had some pointed questions and comments for Ryan and the Commission.

Homeowner Cyndi Dobson angrily questioned the landfill corporations ability or even desire to protect the local environment.


Militant social activist Quanell X turned a question into an angry demand that people of Hempstead to take their protest against the landfill to more militant action. He said the TCEQ has already decided to grant the landfill permit.

Hempstead homeowner Cyndi Dobson with some harsh comments and questions.



Brent Ryan of Pintail outlines the landfill proposal with the TCEQ in Hempstead.

The crowd reactions got so angry and strong at times that the moderator of the meeting threatened to stop them and go to public comment.

The questions and comments continued for hours.

This was the third meeting with the TCEQ for a landfill permit for Pintail Landfill. One official with the Commission says that they are still in the information gathering stage and will not make a decision on the permit for many months.

Hundreds signed petitions opposing the landfill.

Activist Quannel X stirred the crowd with an angry question to the Pintail representative.

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