“Today, Judge Beckendorff and Commissioners Pokluda and Kitzman, voted for Green Group Holdings ( their closest colleagues) and against the well-being of Waller County citizens. Their votes were:

  • Not to enforce the Waller County landfill siting ordinance
  • To prepare an amended ordinance that includes the proposed Pintail Landfill.
  • To prepare a takings impact assessment.
  • To prepare and publish a public notice and schedule a hearing on the proposed ordinance.

We referred to GreenGroup Holdings( GGH) as their closest colleagues given that they have continued to work closely GGH for a least 21 months – in a hotel in Katy, with a GGH lobbyist a the TCEQ, with GGH to negotiate a host agreement on several occasions, and on numerous other occasions. Since citizens first learned of the proposed landfill 18 months ago, the WCCC and members of the WCCC have chosen to hold NO public meetings that would have:

  • allowed them to keep the citizens informed,
  • allowed citizens the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers, and
  • allowed for a constructive dialogue to address the citizens’ concerns.

It is now quite clear that Judge Beckedorff , Commisiioners Kitzman and Pokluda, and GGH chose to take care of their dirty business right before the Christmas holidays when most people are focused on their family, friends, and the joys of the season.

It is now quite clear that Judge Beckedorff and Commissioners Kitzman and Pokluda care only about projected revenue for Waller County. They have completely disregarded the adverse environmental, economic, social, traffic safety , and health impact.

It is now quite clear that incompetence, ignorance, and a total lack of caring for the citizens now rules the WCCC.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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