We are no longer receiving donations.  Thank you for your support!

Fundraising has been a large part of CALH’s activity since its inception, raising the funds necessary to pay for legal and expert consultants in the fight against Pintail Landfill.

In January of 2013, CALH began holding monthly 2-day Garage Sales (termed ‘more than a’ Garage Sale to better describe the event) which frequently grossed over $10,000 each. In fact, the November 2015 sale made a record breaking $17,000! With our 43rd sale in January 2017, CALH suspended the Garage Sale effort, having made an estimated $750,000 in the 4 years of its operation. Thanks to donors, shoppers, the Schwarz family, and volunteers whose hardworking and dedicated community effort have made these events so successful!  Many of our shoppers tell us how much they miss this shopping event, the good deals and the friendly gatherings.  Learn how these garage sales came together by clicking here.

Other CALH fundraising ventures have included the ‘Beautiful Waller County’ calendar (2014 and 2015 editions), the Kroger Community Rewards and the Amazon Smile programs. As of August 2018, we have suspended participation in these latter two programs and thank all who particiated. In addition, since 2013, CALH has held 4 highly successful ‘We Stand United’ Dinner/Auction fundraisers, raising in excess of $400,000 to date.

We have also been extremely fortunate to have had many supporters who sent monetary contributions on a regular basis. CALH is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization and donations were tax deductible.

During the 7-year battle, an estimated $2 million has been raised and utilized to achieve this successful victory, thanks to your generous contributions, participation and continued support of our events.  This was a total team effort and the success could not have been accomplished without you all.  Thank you, everyone!