In July 2011, Waller County Judge Glenn Beckendorff talked to taxpayers who were angry about plans for a 15 story tall garbage dump along Highway 6 right
outside of Hempstead. Beckendorff even told the Houston Chronicle he had only learned about the landfill himself just weeks before the proposal went public, in May of 2011.

Now we know his story smells as bad as the landfill will.

Judge, you did not tell folks the truth!

The cell phone records we have now obtained prove the Judge was calling his Georgia landfill friends months before he claimed he even knew about the landfill. Look at the records for yourselves. There are phone calls from the Judge’s cell phone to Green Group Headquarters in January of 2011. January 27th to be exact. There are calls in February and in March. There are calls to the personal cell phone of the company president, Ernest Kaufman.

On April 12TH, the Judge and a Green Group executive traded phone calls. Maybe it is a coincidence, but that is the month we believe the property deal was done. Of course the city of Hempstead, the homeowners along Highway 6, and the people of Prairie View were still in the dark.

In June of 2011, cell phone records show Beckendorff is talking almost daily with Green Group Vice President, Oscar Allen. The landfill has not been announced publicly, but in mid June a Waller County resident had uncovered the plan and alerted neighbors.

The Judge agreed to an ordinance to stop the landfill from coming to Highway 6, but what you did not know is that he was still working with the very company posing the threat.

Look at the evidence. On August 2, 2011, Waller County Commissioners met in a confidential executive session about the proposed landfill ordinance. You know who Judge Beckendorff called twice just minutes before the meeting began? He called Green Group.

The meeting ended at 10:10 that morning. Within fifteen minutes, Beckendorff is on the phone again with the landfill company. Remember, what is discussed behind closed doors is supposed to be confidential by law. They keep it a secret from taxpayers. Did he tell his landfill friends?

Even after the landfill ordinance passes, Judge Beckendorff continues his communication with the landfill company. The cell phone records prove that.

The majority of Waller County Commissioners now claim they had no choice but to let the landfill proceed because their ordinance was not done until after the landfill company had already filed their permit application with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Look at the cell phone records again. There are a flurry of phone calls between Beckendorff and his landfill friends on July 25th, 2011. Maybe it’s just one big coincidence, but that is the day Green Group filed its Pintail Landfill permit application.

Of course, the landfill could have been stopped long ago if Judge Beckendorff had warned his residents. Who was he looking out for? The safety of his people, or his landfill buddies in Georgia?

If Judge Beckendorff didn’t tell the truth about the landfill, what other deals is he keeping from voters?

The cell phone records were obtained by Wayne Dolcefino, the former investigative reporter working with CALH to expose possible corruption and collusion in the landfill deal.

Dolcefino’s complaints have already led to the appointment of special prosecutors. They have asked the Texas Rangers to assist in the investigation.

Just last week, Waller County Commissioners tried to hire famed Houston criminal defense lawyer, Rusty Hardin. And yes, they wanted Waller County taxpayers to foot that bill.

The investigation is widening and CALH won’t stop until the landfill company takes their trash somewhere else.


Wayne Dolcefino

President Dolcefino Communications