Perception of Corruption and Collusion Looms Over Waller County

Rumor has it that Waller County Commissioner’s Court Judge Glenn Beckendoff is considering resigning from his position as Waller County Judge citing personal reasons. It may be a little too late. It is reported that Waller County Judge Glenn Beckendoff and County Commissioner Frank Pokluda attended a

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Fox 26 News’ Isiah Carey’s ‘Insite’ posting

THE CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE LANDFILL AT HIGHWAY 6! Press Release: On Tuesday, January 12, 2013, a contingent of Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead (CALH) supporters, including Tobi Kosanke and her seven-year-old daughter, went to the State Capitol. Miss Kosanke personally handed over a petition to

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Importance of March to Courthouse, February 12, 2013 – Rick Welch

Dear Citizens of Waller County: Since the discovery in June 2011 that our Waller County Commissioners Court was not only aware of, but working with, Green Group Holdings LLC and Pintail Landfill LLC to site a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill on the historic Rainey Ranch just one

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“Today, Judge Beckendorff and Commissioners Pokluda and Kitzman, voted for Green Group Holdings ( their closest colleagues) and against the well-being of Waller County citizens. Their votes were: Not to enforce the Waller County landfill siting ordinance To prepare an amended ordinance that includes the proposed Pintail

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Call to Attend Commissioners Court Meeting, December 19, 2012

Please attend Commissioners Court Meeting, Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 9:00am for your support with agenda items 33, 34, 35. Once again Commissioners Court is trying to circumvent the will of the citizens of Waller county and rollover to the will of Green Group Holdings. We encourage

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Public Comments at Waller County Commissioners Court Meeting December 12, 2012 – Mike McCall

December 12, 2012 Public Comments of Michael M. McCall Who owns Green Group Holdings (GGH)? Two weeks ago Thad Owings stood here and told you about GGH having purchased the Arrowhead Landfill in Perry County Alabama. He also told you about the gratuitous backpacks they gave the

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Public Comment Letter to TCEQ from Glenn Shankle

November 20, 2012   Ms. Bridget Bohac Chief Clerk Texas Commission on Environmental Quality P.O. Box 13087 Austin, Texas 78711-3087   Re: Proposed Type I Municipal Solid Waste Permit, Permit Number 2377 Proposed Type V Transfer Registration , Number 40259   Dear: Ms. Bohac:   Shankle &

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Angry Crowd Protests Hempstead Landfill at TCEQ Public Meeting – KWHI

(NOVEMBER 16TH, 2012) FSW   A representative of the Pintail Landfill LLC, and members of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found out just how angry people in Hempstead are about a proposed landfill at a public meeting held last (Thursday) night at Hempstead High School. Brent

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Wounded Veteran to Appear Before Commissioners Court – CALH Press Release

Press Release Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead 11/13/12 Landfill to Hurt Fallen Warrior/Wounded Warrior Support Event Wounded Veteran to Appear before Commissioners Court (Hempstead; November 13, 2012) A severely disabled Marine is expected to appear before the Waller County Commissioners Court on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Marine

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TCEQ Extends Public Comment Deadline

Due to obscured public notice signage at the proposed Pintail landfill, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has extended the public comment period for the landfill application and transfer station for another thirty (30) days effective August 16, 2012 until at least October 26, 2012. TCEQ has

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