Waller Times – Government Based on the Consent of the Governed

-Article as posted by the Waller Times – Written by Carrie Prazak-Gourley Never Forget Out Government is Based on Consent of the Governed Recently, citizens of Waller County have been through a virtual wringer and all due to a lack of county government transparency by the previous

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Brookshire Times-Tribune SOAH Judges Ruling and Order No. 12

-Article as posted by the Brookshire Times-Tribune SOAH Rules On Discovery Issues For Proposed Landfill Ernest Kaufmann, CEO of Green Group Holdings is spelled two different ways in the SOAH DOCKET NO. 582-14-3597 TCEQ DOCKET NO. 2012-0302-MSW. For accuracy, it is reported as spelled with one “N’

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Brookshire Times-Tribune Front Page Story from March 19, 2015 Issue

-Article as posted by the Brookshire Times-Tribune Waller County District Attorney Breaks Silence – Details Alleged Conspiracy to Hide Landfill from the Public -March 15, 2015 For four long years, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis held his tongue. Even in September of 2013, when the County

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Press Release by Dolcefino Consulting on March 15, 2015

For Your Information: The following Press Release (along with supporting documents) was issued by Wayne Dolcefino on March 15, 2015.

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Update on City of Hempstead/CALH v WCCC/Pintail “Compromise Settlement Agreement” and Other Legal Matters

This is the latest update on CALH activities over the last week or two for your consideration. On February 20, 2015, all parties to the lawsuit filed by the City of Hempstead and joined by CALH against Waller County and Pintail Landfill, LLC, reached a settlement agreement,

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Waller County Settles Landfill Suit, Seeks to Block Project, Houston Chronicle

~Article as posted from The Houston Chronicle After two fraught years of legal battle, the lawsuit over a proposed Waller County landfill came to a quiet close Friday with a deal that ensures the civil case against the county will not be appealed but that does not

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Agreed Final Judgment

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Compromise Settlement Agreement and Release

This document describes the Compromise Settlement Agreement and Release:

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Joint Motion for Entry of Agreed Final Judgment

The following document entails the Joint Motion for Entry of Agreed Final Judgment:

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Settlement Term Letter For Pintail Litigation

The following document is the continued settlement negotiations from the Parties, City of Hempstead, Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead, Pintail Landfill, L.L.C., and Waller County, Texas discussing the settlement negotiations with their respective clients. Upon approval of the terms set out below by the Waller County

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