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Opposition To Highway 6 Landfill Hosting Meeting Tuesday Night In Hempstead

The fight is continuing in Hempstead over plans to build a landfill on Highway 6 near 290, with a meeting starting at 6:30 Tuesday night.

Now the City of Hempstead has filed a lawsuit against Waller County Commissioners over their decision to drop resistance and approve plans for the site.

The City of Hempstead and members of group “Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead” were granted a temporary restraining order to prevent commissioners from pulling their original concerns with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, until a hearing can be held on April 11th.

More than a thousand people protested the landfill in Hempstead the day before commissioners voted.

Billy Frazier of Frazier’s Ornamental Concrete says the landfill would hurt the community.

“Most people don’t understand the enormity of what these Georgia investors are wanting to do . They are wanting to come into this rural community that has a high population of high minority, underprivileged people thinking that they can get away by pushing themselves in,” said Billy Frazier.

Meanwhile Hempstead Mayor Michael Wolfe is also frustrated and believes commissioners don’t have the right to approve the landfill since the site is only about two miles from downtown Hempstead.

His biggest concern is how the landfill could impact their only water source.

“But if you put a landfill on top of a recharge zone and there’s no way that anybody can say that there won’t be leakage and so if that does happen, you’re talking about contaminating your underwater ground source,” said Mayor Wolfe.

That Citizens Against the Landfill meeting is happening Tuesday night from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Hempstead Theater at 740 12th Street.

They will discuss the latest legal proceedings.

Waller County Judge Glenn Beckendorff spoke with us by phone and says he can’t really comment on the lawsuit just yet, but does hope that TCEQ ultimately will not approve the landfill.

He did vote to drop opposition last month.

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The fight to prevent a landfill on Highway 6 in Hempstead is continuing to grow.

Tuesday night Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead (CALH) are hosting a meeting at 6:30 at the Hempstead Theater at 740 12th Street in Hempstead to discuss the latest legal proceedings.

The City of Hempstead filed a lawsuit last week against Waller County Commssioners, who approved the plans and removed opposition in a controversial 3-2 vote last month.

The City of Hempstead and members of CALH were also granted a temporary restraining order until a hearing can be held on April 11, 2013.

The Texas Commission on Enviornmental Quality will make the ultimate decision whether to permit the landfill or not.

TCEQ officials have said it could still be another six to nine months before a final decision is made.

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Hempstead residents in uproar over proposed landfill

by Brad Woodard / KHOU 11 News
Posted on March 26, 2013 at 6:17 PM

HEMPSTEAD — There’s a debate brewing in the city of Hempstead over trash. The city is suing Waller County from creating a landfill that would be just two miles from the Waller County Courthouse.

Just a stone’s throw from Highway 6 in Hempstead, the landscape remains pretty much as nature intended. In the middle of it all is Ivy Kolaja’s dream home.

She and her husband moved there after living in Houston for 26 years. They had just started construction on their house when they learned of a new neighbor potentially moving in across the road: a landfill.

“I think it’s devastating,” said Kolaja. “It’s devastating for the county and to the people who live in this area.”
Some argue it’s because of the people who live in the area that the site was selected in the first place.

“If you look at the demographics of the region, it’s largely minority,” said Hempstead resident Bill Huntsinger. “If you look at their economic status in life, they’re economically disadvantaged.”

And less capable, he said, of fighting back.

Critics said you couldn’t pick a worse site for a landfill if you tried. It sits atop an aquifer, and they’re concerned leaks could contaminate the water supply.

The city has gone so far as to file a lawsuit against Waller County in an attempt to stop the landfill from going in. A temporary restraining order has been granted.

Opponents of the landfill say the environment isn’t the only thing at stake here.

“It’s a gateway to the City of Hempstead,” said Huntsinger. “The economic future of this town just vanishes.”

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