Beckendorff, Kitzman and Pokluda Commanded to Pay Court Costs


By Lillie Ruby
Brookshire Times Tribune

During a hearing on September 2 former elected officials Glenn Beckendorff, Stan Kitzman and Frank Pokluda were: “Commanded to observe the said order of our court,” by the 1st District Court of Appeals. This order was a response to fees assessed by attorneys and still unpaid.

The costs were incurred during an appeal by the three former officials. That appeal asked to change an agreement entered into by the three after losing a civil trial in December 2014 (They were found guilty of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA) and the Public Information Act.) In June 2016 the appeal was dismissed and the former officials were ordered to pay court costs.

The court costs assigned to the three amounts to approximately $25,428.65 total.


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