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Thank you to those who were able to attend our February Public Meeting at the Hempstead Theater. If you were unable to be there, please watch informative videos linked below for important updates and status information received during the meeting or CLICK HERE to read a synopsis of events:

UPDATES AND STATUS - - this is a comprehensive yet brief explanation of events past and present to bring you up to date as of February 23, 2017, on legal matters surrounding the fight to stop Pintail Landfill.

REP. CECIL BELL JR. COMMENTS ON PINTAIL LANDFILL - - comments, questions and answers by Rep. Cecil Bell on Pintail Landfill and pending legislation.

FINANCES AND FUNDRAISING - - information on funds raised, how it was spent, and the new 'Pledge Program'.

As you are aware, the fight to stop Pintail Landfill is not over. Our position is as good as we could ever expect and, due to a united effort over the past 6 years, there is no pending landfill application at this Hwy 6 location – a fact to celebrate for sure. Yet, our legal battle continues which means expenses also continue.

The tremendous support this community has given to this cause has been inspirational and is certainly the reason for success to date. As we transition away from our Garage Sales, we must establish an alternative source of funds and those in attendance at the Public Meeting on February 23, 2017, learned about our newly launched "Pledge Program". The Program asks that you continue support of this critical battle for Hempstead and Waller County by making a pledge to contribute to CALH on a monthly basis, and make this commitment by completing and returning this PLEDGE FORM.

Our goal is to stop Pintail Landfill and end this fight without a surplus of funds in our account; yet, until that time, we must have the funds on hand needed to continue positive progress toward that end. If legal activity and expenses reach the high levels of the past, we will hold another large fundraising event like the “We Stand United” dinner/auction or, if expenses cease for a time, we will advise you to suspend your pledge. In other words, we pledge that we will keep you, as we always have, abreast of our financial situation and developments as they happen.

Thank you for your sustained support and commitment to ridding Waller County of Pintail Landfill…together we are making it happen!

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Latest News



Many Waller County citizens attended the House Committee on Environmental Regulation hearing of Rep. Cecil Bell’s House Bill 2479 at the State Capitol held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, despite short notice, work schedules and prior commitments. Many others watched via live streaming video. For those who were unable to attend or watch, we wanted to update you on the events of that important day, outline the next stages of these proceedings and let you know how you can be of assistance.

Attendees had the opportunity to sign in electronically “For” or “Against” HB 2479 prior to and during the hearing which opened very shortly after 8 a.m. As anticipated, when our bill came up, Representative Bell laid out a substitute for HB 2479 which in essence narrows the focus of this bill to the proposed Pintail site in Waller County. If passed into law, this bill would prevent Pintail from filing a third application on the site from the time that the law takes effect.

After testimony on four other environmental House Bills was presented to the committee, Rep. Cecil Bell laid out his HB 2479 and the substitute at around 9:20 a.m. The testimony of 14 witnesses, some “For”, some “Against” followed, ending with a final word of closing by Rep Bell. Waller County was very well represented with testimony from County Judge Trey Duhon, citizens Tobi Kosanke and her daughter, Jemma, Hempstead Mayor Michael Wolfe, and former Prairie View Mayor Frank Jackson. CALH witnesses, Bill Huntsinger, Rick Welch and Bob Gage, did an exceptional job of expressing this community's concerns and describing events of the past 6 years in an appeal to the committee to pass this particular bill. Understandably, it was impossible to include every twist and turn in the Pintail saga in the limited time offered at this hearing but you can watch the entire proceeding at the following video links below to gain an excellent understanding of how well our story was conveyed. You will note that the members of this Committee were engaged and interested in the testimony given and some members asked probing questions of several opposition witnesses. (beginning at 1:12:10) (first 1:05:20)

We understand from Rep. Bell that a short, personal email in support of HB2479 to each individual Environmental Regulation Committee member (contact list follows or you can use this link: would go a long way to demonstrate to these gentlemen the need for this law, as well as the size and depth of local support for this bill.  We ask that each of you take a few moments to show your support in this way in the next day or so, as time is of the essence.

Currently, HB 2479 is ‘pending in committee’ and will be taken up soon for further action.  Rep. Bell stated that a committee vote could be expected within a week, perhaps sooner, and we will let you know the outcome and whether this bill will advance to the House floor for a full vote.  This is a long process which includes being passed in both the House and the Senate, but Rep. Bell’s House Bill 2479 could take effect as early as September 1, 2017.

As CALH President, Bill Huntsinger, stated in his testimony, we live in an 'amazing community' and your sustained support has played a major role in the success achieved to date.  Please send your emails in support of HB 2479 and let the Committee on Environmental Regulation know where you stand.  Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Environmental Regulation Committee – Contact Information

Testifying at HB 2479 Hearing in Austin:

CALH President, Bill Huntsinger

CALH President, Bill Huntsinger

CALH Representative, Rick Welch

CALH Representative, Rick Welch

Waller County Judge, Trey Duhon

Waller County Judge, Trey Duhon

Hempstead Mayor, Michael Wolfe

Hempstead Mayor, Michael Wolfe

Former Prairie View Mayor, Frank Jackson

Former Prairie View Mayor, Frank Jackson







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