Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead

For more than 4 years, Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead (CALH) have been fighting to prevent the Pintail Landfill proposed for a location on a 723 acre property called the Rainey Ranch, just north of 290 on Hwy 6, a mile north of Hempstead, Texas.

With the knowledge that this location was the worst possible site for a landfill, CALH has hired first-class experts in the legal and engineering fields to help stop Pintail in various courts of law. The City of Hempstead/CALH v Waller County/Pintail trial verdict in our favor in December 2014, along with the settlement agreement on February 20, 2015, were an important victory for CALH and its supporters.

An even greater cause for CALH’s optimism arrived with a letter dated October 5, 2015, from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Director of Waste Permits Division, Earl Lott, to Pintail Landfill LLC’s Manager and Green Group Holdings President, Ernest Kaufmann, advising that their MSW permit application No. 2377 had been returned. With the demise of this application, the Contested Case Hearing and the appeal in the transfer station lawsuit against the TCEQ are no longer active legal proceedings.

Our story has taken many twists and turns, often seemingly uphill, but our perseverance and determination have not waned. And CALH has not been alone in this fight. The City of Hempstead has been an indispensable ally since very early on and Waller County Commissioners Court has been supportive of this issue beginning in January of 2015. However, our greatest resource and asset has always been the people of Waller County and other concerned citizens who have been willing to donate their time, knowledge and resources.

Please browse our website for articles on these important legal matters, information and updates on events, past and future, and various news items from TV, radio and newspapers. We also have a section on donations and fundraising which lists many ways that you can help.

We appreciate everyone remaining alongside CALH as we see this battle through to the correct conclusion: an end to this landfill proposition and a return to a bright future for Waller County!


Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead

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Latest News

Houston Chronicle - Waller County Landfill Plan is 'Dead'

A Waller County commissioner on Wednesday declared victory in a years-long battle against an outside company's proposal to develop a landfill there.

"I am proud to say the landfill is dead," Commissioner John Amsler said as the regular commissioners court meeting got underway.

However, a company representative said Wednesday that Green Group Holdings, LLC, is continuing to explore ways to move forward with the project.

 Amsler's declaration came more than four months after a state agency returned the Georgia-based company's application to construct a landfill north of Hempstead off Texas 6 in Waller County, calling the application "deficient."

The company did not appeal that Texas Commission on Environmental Quality decision. No application has since been filed, agency spokeswoman Andrea Morrow said.

County and city ordinances regarding landfills now prevent one from being built at that site, meaning a new application would be rejected, County Judge Trey Duhon said by phone Wednesday.

Green Group Holdings, LLC, had been looking to grandfather in an application due to a transfer facility permit they had already gotten for the location, but the county's attorney learned recently that the state agency did not agree that would be the case, Duhon said.

"That effectively kills the landfill," Duhon said, though he noted the company already has invested significantly in the project.

"Are they willing to fold up and go home?" Duhon continued. "I don't know. I hope they do."

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