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Last Garage Sale and Updates

Due to many factors that have been discussed over the past several months, it has been decided to make January 2017's 'more than a' Garage Sale, CALH's final sale. Although CALH remains determined in its efforts to stop the ill-sited Pintail Landfill, it is time to turn our attention to other forms of fundraising to continue the fight.

There is no doubt that the success of these garage sales would not have been possible without the luxury of our permanent location on 10th Street in Hempstead, generously donated by the Schwarz family. In addition to the wonderful store space, Trey and Mary Beth Schwarz have provided utilities, employee assistance, garbage service, parking, donations, furnishings, not to mention the patience to host our monthly event next door to their place of business for almost 4 years. It is now time, and quite rightly so, that we give the Schwarz family their lease space back.

We are so proud of our community for coming together for these garage sales, flooding us with donations and coming to shop each month. These garage sales have become quite the social event in Hempstead! We are equally proud of our team of garage sale volunteers whose positive spirit and countless hours of hard work have raised over half a million dollars from 'gently used' items. Thank you to our many generous donors but please note that we are no longer soliciting items.

And so, on the 4-year anniversary of our first sale held on January 19, 2013, we bring to an end this Garage Sale fundraising chapter with our final 'more that a' Garage Sale (No. 43) to be held on Friday, January 20th and Saturday, January 21st. Please note that this will be a ‘close out’ sale, where all sales are final, sold on a cash and carry basis and, as usual, only cash and checks are accepted. Pricing on all clothing (including shoes and purses) will be $1.00 each, with most other merchandise at half the regular low price. A good crowd is expected when doors open at 641 10th Street, Hempstead, at 8 a.m. each day of the sale and shoppers are encouraged to arrive early for the best selection. We have really enjoyed offering these sales to everyone over the past 4 years and look forward to thanking you for your support in person one last time!

Without this garage sale income, we must find other avenues of fundraising. Of course, we are prepared to host a large dinner and auction as we have in the past with our 'We Stand United' events, if the need arises. We would also ask that you, our members and supporters, consider making regular tax deductible budgeted contributions to CALH until Pintail is defeated. The idea of 100 citizens donating $100 per month has been put forward and may be a viable proposition. In truth, any financial commitment to CALH's work represents an investment in the long-term prosperity and well-being of our community. Please visit our website's fundraising page for information on how to make donations via PayPal or check.

The need to continue raising funds to fight Pintail and Green Group Holdings is exemplified by the recent filing by Pintail of a Motion to Overturn the Executive Director's Return of Pintail's latest MSW Landfill Application, which can be read in full here on our website and Facebook page. We ask supporters to sign up for periodic informative emails, and visit our website and Facebook page for updates on legal action and developments, future Public Meetings, fundraising opportunities as well as details of this final sale.

We have come a long way...much further than any could have predicted and much further than many would have said was even possible. Your continued support is critical to getting the job done and finally defeating Pintail Landfill whose unsuitable proposed location would so adversely affect Hempstead, Prairie View and all of Waller County.

Together we will prevail!

Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead

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Latest News

New application for Waller County landfill denied

Emily Foxhall | Reporter, Houston Chronicle

A state commission has denied a new application to build a landfill in Waller County, saying ordinances adopted by the county and the city of Hempstead now prohibit a garbage dump in the area.

A highly charged debate over proposals to build a landfill rising as high as 151 feet above ground has been going on for about five years.

The Georgia-based Green Group Holdings, LLC, has pursued the project, while a local advocacy group, Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead, and current local elected officials oppose it.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality last year rejected an original application filed by Green Group, citing an alleged failure of the company to account for how high the water level might get in the area of the proposed Pintail Landfill. The commission returned an appeal of that rejection in the spring, saying it came too late.

The company, meanwhile, went ahead and bought the 723-acre property in June and filed a new application. It reiterated its commitment to meeting required standards and stated a belief that it should be grandfathered in under old laws — before the local ordinances had been adopted to prohibit a landfill at the site, which is north of the city of Hempstead off Texas 6.

But, in a letter dated Thursday, Earl Lott, waste permits director for TCEQ, wrote that the ordinances prevented the agency from granting the new application. For any questions, Lott directed the company to contact its staff attorney.

"We are evaluating all options in light of the recent decision," said David Green, president of Green Group, in a written statement.

The Waller County judge and the citizens group praised the decision, but expected more to come from the company.

"If there's a question as to the validity of an ordinance, it's up to a court to determine that issue, not an executive agency, so I think it was a good policy decision," County Judge Trey Duhon said. "Regardless, this is still one of the worst locations geologically to put a landfill."

Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead concurred, writing in a news release, "This latest development does not necessarily mean that the fight is over."

The group planned to host a garage-sale fundraiser this weekend. Duhon credited their ongoing efforts as "amazing,"

Added Duhon: "My hope is at the end of the day that Pintail would realize this is not the right location and that they would look elsewhere."

A previous commissioners court in 2013 cleared the way for the landfill's construction on a 250-acre site. A jury later found the commissioners guilty of violating transparency laws in their decision. Duhon and other landfill opponents won a majority on the commissioners court in 2014, and a lawsuit brought against the county by the city of Hempstead and Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead was later settled.



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